Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Different Kind of Screen Saver: Origami Butterflies

I will always remember one sunny afternoon on a particularly warm summer day when my Dad had just returned from work. He had so quickly changed into his swim trunks .... in a terrible hurry to jump in the pool right off of my parents' bedroom deck. My Mom, sisters and I were sitting on the opposite deck enjoying a cocktail I'm sure and getting our tan on when we looked up at the commotion and saw my Dad run out of the house, skip and trip into the pool still holding the patio screen door in his arms!

W.E. L.A.U.G.H.E.D. H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L.L.Y !!!

Working on this new little spring project of mine, I had a smirk on my face & nice thoughts about my goofy father and those warm summer days by the pool with the girls! Happy memories I tell you!

What better project in anticipation for spring and lots of downtime in the porch with my little Saskatchewan family than these cute screensavers:

The screen and sunshine argued with my camera, I lost my patience and this is the unfortunate result!

And here they are now off the screen so you have a better look at them:

These origami butterflies are simply made of pretty scrap papers, little bling and copper beading wire. This one girls is about as easy as easy gets!

Here's a YouTube video where Rosie demonstrates the fold:

Tell me, are you going to make them in the hopes that your husband or your toddlers don't decide to run right through the screen doors in excitement this season???


Forestree girl said...

I love those! Would look great in a mobile too

Lori said...

Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm a new GFC follower. I would love if you stopped by and followed back. Hope to see you soon, Lori

CathB said...

Hahaha Papa! lol. Happens to the best of us! Great idea! Funny story!

CraftyCooky said...

J'adore, et je vais en faire. Merci.

Genn said...

Hi Gen,
I'm Genn with two n's! :)

I was leaving Janna a comment on her blog and saw your comment and was thrown by the name. I never seen Gen spelled with a G. Is your full name Gennifer? Mine is.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi Gen. :)

Etcetorize said...

These are so pretty! I wonder if they would keep cats from trying to walk through screens???? I think I need to make some and experiment~

Connie said...

Hi Gen, these are cute. I'm Connie @ http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, your newest GF friend, stop by and be my friend too. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna go make some.....

Rachael said...

So cute. I will have to give that a try, and let the kiddos help. Thanks.

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Very fun idea and a great way to save your screens from being run into:)

Deana said...

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