Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flash McQueen B-Day Card

Hi there! Just a super quick post today to share yet another toddler card I made. This time my little buddy requested a "CARS" b-day card for his friend Sander's 5th b-day party this weekend. This one required a little bit of improvisation but it worked out great in the end!

I don't have any of the Disney Cricut Cartridges nor do I even know if they have a "CARS" one but I did find something pretty close to Flash McQueen on my Graphically Speaking Cartridge. I had to modify it a bit to make it look more like the race car star himself. Overall we are pretty pleased with it:

5 Piston Cups! Happy Birthday Champ!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June in Review

I had the craziest month. Staying at home with Simon was supposed to be relaxing for me in the last stretch of my pregnancy. But anyone who's parented a 4 year old would know that there is no such thing. The little people keep you going and going and going until you litterally can't see your swollen feet anymore and give up! This is now. I am pretty much on house arrest now... far too big, far too tired and totally intolerant to the heat. Not even tempted to step out of the house at this point.

'twas a fun time though...

First we went to the lake to my friend Caleigh's cottage and had a great time despite the rain:

We followed that with a trip to the far north to go see Daddy at our remote fishing lodge:

Both in their glory! Simon's very first fish which he caught with his brand new Spiderman rod. Daddy's little apprentice!

We went for a little hike and our tiny photograph ordered this awefully sweet picture of his parents. 

Though the trip was physically far too difficult for me, at least I didn't have to cook or clean for anyone. A glorious 8 days of reading and napping... just what the doctor ordered!

Simon and I hurried on back home. We simply couldn't miss Simon's last Pre-k school day at the Fun Farm:

The very next day (what was I thinking!) we celebrated Simon's 4th birthday:

Good friends, good times!

There were many days where we just stayed home and enjoyed the kiddy pool and sprinklers... and naps. But here's yet another afternoon of terribly hot weather spent at a local sprinkler parc with a little friend:

We also got hit with some really nasty weather. Crazy storms and tornado watch. There was a 24hrs blackout which for me, living in the country, means not only no power but no water either. On top of that a phone tower in our area got knocked down so I had no service at all... that's about the point I panicked and moved in with my in-laws... thank goodness for family!!

We had one more sunfilled day at the lake with grandma last Saturday:

That pretty much sums up June's busy schedule.  I feel so blessed. My icky and stressful work situation turned out to be an opportunity to spend more time with my son and have nothing but happy days waiting for the next big shift in our lives~

July, I swear, will be filled with occasional visits with friends, quiet dinners, lots of naps, books and movies. No more of this crazy running around business! I need to chill and learn to relax once and for all. In fact, we kicked off the month at the movies in stead of the Canada Day celebrations. See what a good girl I can be?! A little dose of Madagascar 3 (air conditioning included!) did this little duo some good!

I am also super thrilled that my very best friend Judith from Quebec City is coming to spend a week with me at the end of the month... I just have this feeling that her and I will experience something we never thought we'd do together! Hope daddy makes it back home in time... one way or another, Baby E is coming and this momma's very excited!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girly Lamp Revamp

Thrifted me a cute little lamp for $4 at our local Value Village (lampshade not included). I liked the size and shape but the boring white wash had to go!

Baby E's nursery has my creative juices working overtime and a couple of weeks ago while it was nice and still cool-ish out I got a little out of hand with spray paint... sunshine yellow spray paint! What fun!

I turned the $4 lamp into something with a bit more pzazz for my sweet baby girl. See what you think...

The lampshade I rescued from my friend Caleigh's condo a long time ago. She bought a really cute bedside lamp for the glass base but hated the shade. Those giant fluffy white flowers just didn't go with her decor. MINE! MINE! MINE! I simply hot glued some colorful buttons and tiny ribbon to ornate the center of each follower . TAH freaking DAH!

Whatcha think of it now Miss C? Mama and Baby E thank you very much for your generosity!